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The flex offense‘s core premise is that all players are interchangeable, and no one has a set role. To initiate the offense, the point guard advances the ball up the court as other players set screens to create openings. The point guard usually sets the offense on the same side as a low-post player on the right block. A wing player cuts off a low post player’s screen towards the ball to catch a pass from the high post player, while the point guard passes opposite to a high-post player at the top of the key. The low post player moves to the top of the key to receive a pass from the point guard, who screens down to him. On the other side of the ball, the same cut occurs, and the offense’s continuous cycle begins.

We give you a Comprehensive Guide To The Flex Offense that will help you establish continuity offense and multiple counters and options.


1. Continuity
2. Counters
3. Drills
4. Entries
5. Transition

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