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Free Playbooks website was created to make basketball knowledge affordable and accessible to coaches, players, and parents. Our inspiration came from a coach who was frustrated about not being able to find a playbook he could afford while coaching his son’s team.

We offer high-quality playbooks that are carefully selected so you can teach players at any level everything they need to know about this amazingly fun sport. We’re constantly adding new plays each day to keep things fresh, so there is always something new to learn.

Free Playbooks is an online resource for basketball coaches. We provide playbooks that are well made, carefully selected, and organized. Unlike other basketball websites with free information which can be outdated and unorganized, we take efforts to ensure the playbooks we offer will educate young and experienced coaches and be a reliable resource for them to draw knowledge from.

We have selected playbooks from some of the best basketball coaches in the world to provide you with free access to their offensive and defensive sets, and practice drills. You can download these PDF or video files free and easily from any device, so they are always available to you on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

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