Instead of guarding a single player, each zone defender is responsible for guarding a section of the floor, or a “zone” and every offensive player who enters that area.
Zone defenders adjust their positioning on the floor in response to the ball movement.

Zone defense is becoming ever more popular, even in the NBA (take the Miami Heat, for example). So, to be successful on the highest level, we think that every team must have the skill to adapt to every type of zone defense and attack it accordingly. Every coach should have a zone offense set in his playbook so his team can be prepared for every specific situation. This Ultimate Zone Offense Playbook will help all coaches prepare their offensive strategy against a zone defense, regardless of which type of zone the opponent is playing (for example, 2-3, 1-2-2, 1-3-1, etc). This zone offense playbook gives you more than 300 different ideas, detailed and carefully organized in a 68 page PDF. And, best of all, we give it to you FREE.

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